San Diego Doula & Lactation Support

Birth to Breast provides in-home birth doula, postpartum doula, and lactation support in San Diego. The doula model of care centers around emotional support, physical support, knowledge, and partner support. We use this model to help you navigate your pregnancy and postpartum. 



Birth to Breast offers tailored support to all family dynamics and perinatal options. Our mission is to support you in meeting your birth, postpartum, and infant feeding goals. We do this by listening to you and meeting you where you are.

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What I Offer

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Our birth doula packages include 3 prenatal consultations.In these consultations we will discuss prenatal resources, birth planning, and postpartum education.


Birthing people rave about the power of the double hip squeeze (google it). My doula role on your birth-day includes creating a cozy environment. Providing hands on support through massage, counter pressure, & positioning. I will help your partner in all these support roles because I know support from them means way more. I will provide education and create a positive birth team vibe. We will hit all the Maslow hierarchy of needs so you can just focus on birthing your baby.

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Postpartum is the time to recover, bond, and learn about your new family dynamics. However in our society the quote "everybody wants to hold the baby but who holds the mother"-Jabina Coleman @TheLactationTherapist often applies. Postpartum support includes nourishment, light cleaning, helping with breastfeeding, helping with baby care, and education.


As a lactation educator counselor my scope is "normal" breastfeeding challenges such as: positioning, attachment, observing for signs of milk transfer, education, and referral to an IBCLC if the breastfeeding challenge is beyond my scope of care.

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Please fill in the forms below. We will schedule a FREE virtual meeting. Whether you choose me as your doula or not I will love to refer your to San Diego's amazing perinatal resources!