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Family interview & resource meeting

One meeting to discuss your birthing needs, determine goodness of fit, & provide you with resources.


Birth Doula

  • 3 prenatal meetings

  • Prenatal digital support through phone, text, & email

  • On-call during your 38-42 week of pregnancy

  • Labor support starting when you feel you need me

  • Postpartum support for first 1-2 hours after birth with breastfeeding help 

  • 1 postpartum meeting

  • 6 weeks of digital postpartum support through phone, text, & email


One Prenatal or Postpartum consultation

  • Comfort measures

  • Childbirth education

  • Breastfeeding education

  • Birth planning

  • Postpartum Planning

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Birth Doula Package


We will have 3 prenatal meetings after agreeing to service:

  • The first meeting will be discussing your birth vision, discussing your pregnancy, prenatal labor preparation for an easier labor. 

  • The second meeting will be basic childbirth education, the birth plan, & practicing birth positions/ relaxation techniques. We will cover different scenarios such as back-labor and figure out ways you can use your home environment for pre-labor/ early-labor. 

  • The third meeting will discuss postpartum expectations including coming up with a postpartum plan & Baby-proofing your relationship. 


In between Prenatal meetings we will be in contact by digital forms of communication including: phone, text, & email. Some examples of what these communications may entail: 

  • Pregnancy related questions

  • How you are doing emotionally

  • How your pregnancy is going

  • Resources: both local and online

  • Any discussion of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care

  • Guidance for prelabor or early labor if you feel you do not need me physically there yet

  • Discussion of your labor symptoms


The prenatal meetings allow me to truly know what is important to you and what environment/support will allow your Oxytocin to flow. I will be on-call for 2 weeks prior and after your due date. When you feel you need me physically there I will be there within 2 hours. Support you can expect during labor:

  • Fostering an intimate and peaceful environment for your senses

  • Guidance for your birth partner 

  • Ensuring you and your partner are meeting your nourishment, hydration, and rest needs

  • Supporting in positions and recommending positions to aide in labor

  • Creating a team environment between you and your caregivers to ensure you feel empowered in your birth experience

  • Emotional support through the different stages of labor

  • relaxation and coping techniques such as hip-squeezes, massage, water, heat/ice, counter-pressure, & the use of rebozo

  • Informational support from me and empowering you to seek information from your caregivers


I will provide you with 3 types of postpartum support:

  • I will stay with you for 1-2 hours immediately after birth to help you settle and help with breastfeeding if necessary

  • We will have 1 postpartum meeting where we will discuss the birth, I will connect you to resources, & help with breastfeeding is necessary

  • I will be available to you for 6 weeks postpartum via digital forms of communication to answer postpartum/baby questions and provide resources



Doula tip: on-going messaging starts at contract. Get the most bang for your buck by booking in your 1st trimester.

Time in between payments will vary based on the time between signing the contract and your estimated due date. All payments must be completed before Ruth goes on-call for your birth at 38 weeks.






Please allow 4-hour notice when booking your appointment. This time enables me to prepare, send over paperwork, and travel.

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