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Free Tricare breast pump

San Diego Military Mommies Representative

I offer free breast pump consultations to Tricare families. You will leave our consultation with a pump ordered and resupplies handled. All this without the headache of insurance claims. Military Mommies' handles the claim for you. Consultations are available in person (adhering to public health mandates) or virtually. For more information you can visit https://militarymommies.com by clicking the button below (Please scroll below to see the pumps Military Mommies offers. Their website is under construction currently)

Breast Pump Consultation

what can I expect from my free consultation

Family Time

Breast pump education

As a CLEC I will explain the different breast pump terms and lactation terms. Not only will I teach you about each pumps specs but you will be able to explore my demo pumps with a demo teaching breast. You will leave with the confidence to assemble, maintain, and use your pump.

Happy Family

Military Mommies files your insurance claim

After you chose your perfect pump, I will provide you with a few online forms and I will scan your prescription. Military Mommies takes care of the rest including resupplies!

Taking Care of a Baby


I am a huge resource advocate! I will navigate you through your breast pump company support services. In addition, you will leave our prenatal meeting knowing the postpartum resources available. Including postpartum mental health, breastfeeding support, and postpartum physical therapy.

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Local real person support

After you order your pump I am your contact person. You contact me if you need to change your resupplies, not some 1-800 number. If you are having pump problems I can help you troubleshoot, refer you to your pump company technical support, and provide your warranty proof. Just text, dm, or email me.


Pump ordered, resupplies handled

Your pump will come to your door. You will also receive your Tricare approved reapplies to your door!

Book online

Are you at least 27 weeks pregnant, have your breast pump prescription, and Tricare is your sole insuarance provider?

 Book your free Military Mommies pump consultation by clicking the button! Please allow 4-hour notice when booking your appointment. This time enables me to prepare, send over paperwork, and travel. 

Contact information

Email: rhale@militarymommies.com
Phone (call/text): (619) 567-3390
instagram: @birthtobreast

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