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What to expect?

Prenatal Meetings

We will have 3 prenatal meetings after agreeing to service:

  • The first meeting will be discussing your birth vision, discussing your pregnancy, prenatal labor preparation for an easier labor. 

  • The second meeting will be basic childbirth education, the birth plan, & practicing birth positions/ relaxation techniques. We will cover different scenarios such as back-labor and figure out ways you can use your home environment for pre-labor/ early-labor. 

  • The third meeting will discuss postpartum expectations including coming up with a postpartum plan & Baby-proofing your relationship. 

On-going communication

In between Prenatal meetings we will be in contact by digital forms of communication including: phone, text, & email. Some examples of what these communications may entail: 

  • Pregnancy related questions

  • How you are doing emotionally

  • How your pregnancy is going

  • Resources: both local and online

  • Any discussion of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care

  • Guidance for prelabor or early labor if you feel you do not need me physically there yet

  • Discussion of your labor symptoms

Birthing Guidance

The prenatal meetings allow me to truly know what is important to you and what environment/support will allow your Oxytocin to flow. I will be on-call for 2 weeks prior and after your due date. When you feel you need me physically there I will be there within 2 hours. Support you can expect during labor:

  • Fostering an intimate and peaceful environment for your senses

  • Guidance for your birth partner 

  • Ensuring you and your partner are meeting your nourishment, hydration, and rest needs

  • Supporting in positions and recommending positions to aide in labor

  • Creating a team environment between you and your caregivers to ensure you feel empowered in your birth experience

  • Emotional support through the different stages of labor

  • relaxation and coping techniques such as hip-squeezes, massage, water, heat/ice, counter-pressure, & the use of rebozo

  • Informational support from me and empowering you to seek information from your caregivers

Postpartum Support

I will provide you with 3 types of postpartum support:

  • I will stay with you for 1-2 hours immediately after birth to help you settle and help with breastfeeding if necessary

  • We will have 1 postpartum meeting where we will discuss the birth, I will connect you to resources, & help with breastfeeding is necessary

  • I will be available to you for 6 weeks postpartum via digital forms of communication to answer postpartum/baby questions and provide resources


Let's talk birth!

Please fill in the forms below. We will schedule a FREE virtual or in person interview/resource meeting. Whether you choose me as your doula or not I will love to refer your to San Diego's amazing perinatal resources!

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