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San Diego Lactation support group calendar 

Lactation support groups are best for general lactation advice or if you don't know where to start in finding lactation help. Please read each groups description and check if they require registration. 

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Lactation Support Groups' hosted by Birth to Breast

Weekly Best Start Birth Center Support Group 
Every Thursday 12 pm-130 pm 
Pre-registration is required 

AlignSD Wellness & Birth to Breast monthly support group 
Fourth Wednesday of the month
10 am- 1130 am 

Support group vs Consult

  • In support group you can ask general feeding questions vs. a consultation where we come up with an individual plan

  • In support group I can model latching with a doll and crochet breast model and explain how to latch vs a consultation where paperwork has been signed and I can physically help you latch with consent

  • In support group I can check on your flange size in a pump/flange you bring vs a consultation where I measure your nipple and provide flanges for you to try

  • In support group I try my best to talk to each family with general lactation advice vs a consultation where 90 minutes is dedicated to you and your baby

  • In support group I can discuss tongue ties and lip ties vs a consultation where I can perform a suck exam

  • In general if your baby is experiencing high weight loss or if you are experiencing nipple damage it is better to first schedule an in-person lactation consultation. Click the button to cal Ruth and see if you qualify for a covered lactation consultation in your home or at Best Start Birth Center. 

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The lactation support group is 90 minutes every Thursday dedicated to weighing your baby, hanging out with other parents, and a  lactation consultant.

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Who is this group for?

This group is open to expecting parents and parents with their babies and support person. 

Can I bring a pump or bottle?

Yes, you can! The one thing to consider when bringing a pump is we have only 1 outlet so if you bring a pump please plan for an alternative power source. 

Do I need to preregister each time

Yes, preregistration is required each time. You can preregister below, or  by texting Ruth at (619)-888-5730, or by emailing

Three Ways You Can Preregister

Preregister on this page

To preregister please scroll down to book now below. 

Text Ruth

Add Ruth to your contact list and text her at least one day before group. Ruth's number: (619)-888-5730 .

Email Ruth

Email Ruth at at least one day before group. 

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